The Asian Parent Singapore


The Asian parent Singapore has come under criticism in the past for being too obsessed on the intellectual stimulation and academic brilliance of their kids at the expense of other areas of development. Is your kid healthy and balanced? In today’s busy working lifestyle for Singaporean parents, parenting has become one of the hardest jobs as parents struggle to create time to spend valuable quality time with their children while still keeping up with the demands of their jobs and businesses. The Asian parent Singapore should understand that spending time with and engaging in fun, playful, intellectually stimulating and relaxing activities with their kids allows the kids to develop their creativity and imagination and become healthy and balanced with regard to social, intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.


But, how do you create family time when juggling work at the same time? Imtidad Employment Solutions have an efficient solution for the Asian parent Singapore as by offering their professional domestic helper services to parents, they can allow them to free up enough quality time to spend with their kids after work instead of engaging in a flurry of household activities when they get home. Such activities eat up your time and make you feel even more tired and unable to spend that quality time with your kid that is so important for their healthy balanced growth.